Long ago, as part of a unique experiment, an alien race sent clones to colonize a newly discovered planet called CryCor. It was soon discovered that hidden beneath the surface of this beautiful planet, lay an abundant supply of the most precious resource in the known universe, Cryptopium. 

Not long after this discovery, one of the more self-serving clones, a Cryptopian named Glutok, rose in power and convinced those close to him to enslave the general population. Separating themselves from their “inferiors”, this small group of elites amassed obscene wealth and declared themselves “Gods of CryCor.”

It did not take long for wars to erupt.

Recognizing the source of all the war and destruction, the oppressed Cryptopians revolted against the Gods, who, fearing for their lives, made a hasty and desperate escape to one of the floating islands above the surface. 

In an attempt to appease the angry Cryptopian masses, the Gods sacrificed Glutok and tossed his body to the land below.

However, their efforts proved insufficient, for the next morning the Cryptopians on the surface below had burned a message into the ground: “Death to CryCor Gods.”

A wise and concerned Cryptopian God known as “The Architect” cast his sights to the land below, and fearing that those left behind would suffocate in the toxic air of war, he summoned a storm that covered the entire world, hoping it would end the fighting and bring clean air. The storm raged for decades.

One day, a scout returned with a message from The Architect, reading, “We discovered new veins of Cryptopium and have terraformed the land for you to mine it. Send us a portion of your find, and we will keep the air pure.”

The Cryptopians began to develop the mines again, and they began to forge highly improved tools.

Soon, they began to rebuild their great society. Cities were rebuilt and marketplaces thrived.

But once again corruption and greed began to infiltrate the land. Theft ran rampant, and soon the governing rulers began to change their forging orders from tools of industry to weapons of war in a last-ditch effort to maintain control.

Armies were recruited, and castle raids became ever more commonplace.

Then one night, one of the Crowned Princes fell amongst thieves, and was killed.

This caused the wars and contentions to intensify, and to this day, massive armies continue to gather and prepare…

…as Cryptopians far and wide race to conquer their enemies and claim the riches of CryptoLand.

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