The Origin

CryCor is a planet in turmoil – once a beautiful and thriving member of the intergalactic community, it has been reduced to a barren, desolate wasteland by centuries of wars, famines, and natural disasters. The surface of the planet is now mostly wasteland, and above the surface float mysterious islands that are shrouded in hearsay and rumor.

Higher learning has been lost to the sands of time, and advanced technologies have disappeared as resources have dwindled to nearly nothing. Cryptopians have lost the ability to travel to other planets, and even to reach the islands in the sky. Legends tell of the paradise that once was, and many still look skyward for answers that are no longer attainable.

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The Inhabitants

Native Cryptopians have suffered immeasurable losses during this era of crisis. The few remaining outposts of civilization have been reduced to medieval feudal states ruled by kings and queens who fight for the survival of their lands and peoples by harvesting the one remaining resource of value left on the planet: $CRYPTOPIUM.

$CRYPTOPIUM is a prized ore throughout the galaxy, known for its durability, malleability, and energy density. Civilizations throughout the galaxy have depended for millennia upon $CRYPTOPIUM for planetary energy stability and intergalactic travel; it is the backbone of intergalactic prosperity.

CryCor naturally evolved an abundance of $CRYPTOPIUM ore throughout the planet, and even after the centuries of destruction and desolation, there are still rich veins of $CRYPTOPIUM to be found. Such a vein was recently found – it is a massive vein, enough for at least twenty thousand separate mining operations to be established upon it.


In fact, anyone who looks closely enough and has an understanding of the planet’s past would say this land, which has come to be known as CryptoLand, appears to have been specifically prepared for Cryptopians to inhabit. The legends speak to powerful beings who in past times had the ability to transform the face of the planet, but any such power and ability has long since ceased to exist.

As we speak, Cryptopians from all over the planet are converging upon these plots of land to stake their claims and secure their futures. Kings and Queens are abandoning less productive lands for this new promise of wealth and prosperity, and they are bringing their kingdoms with them. Along with the Kings and Queens come retinues of Nobles, Blacksmiths, Knights, and various members of the Army Class.

Already many rival kingdoms have established borders that are protected by their armies, and each day they employ new Miners to extract as much raw $CRYPTOPIUM ore as possible. These Miners then must undertake treacherous journeys to refine the ore into its usable form – the roads are not safe, and Theft is common.

The Currency

Once the ore is refined it is then brought to the various Marketplaces found in the kingdoms, where it is first taxed, and then sold and used to trade for or produce the various goods and services each kingdom offers. Blacksmiths produce all of the items, weapons, and armor for each settlement. Merchants, Bankers, and Lords assure that all commerce runs smoothly, for a price of course.

Once the Knights and the Army are paid for their services, they spend much of their time Raiding and looting local dungeons and caves, defeating the foul creatures that roam the land. Along with the race to secure as much $CRYPTOPIUM rich land as possible, rival kingdoms spend their time building their holdings and increasing their defenses, in an effort to become the dominant force in their area.

Although life is harsh and the overall outlook for CryCor is bleak, this vein of $CRYPTOPIUM has provided hope of a better future for every Cryptopian who comes to one of these kingdoms. So, brave adventurer… What will be your destiny? Will you be conquered by the forces of fate? Or will you reign supreme as one of the Kings and Queens of Cryptoland?