Game Play

Land Production

Staked land produces the precious metal $CRYPTOPIUM daily based on the land’s level. $CRYPTOPIUM produced by land is subject to taxation (in-game), though these taxes can be lowered by owning at least one avatar and by increasing the time the $CRYPTOPIUM is held before exchanging it to $CRYPTO.


Staked Miners extract $CRYPTOPIUM ore from the mines of CryptoLand. They produce $CRYPTOPIUM ore daily based on their miner level. Miner production is subject to a 20% tax (in-game).


The Miners take this Cryptopium ore to be smelted into $CRYPTOPIUM by the Blacksmiths of the realm. During this process a percentage of the $CRYPTOPIUM can be stolen by Blacksmiths, Knights and other members of the Army Class.


Staked Blacksmiths, Knights and other members of the Army Class have a 30 to 90% chance to steal 1 out of every 5 $CRYPTOPIUM refined by the miners. This percentage is determined by the level of the Miner and how much cryptopium ore they are refining, and is controlled by chance rolls executed via smart contract.


Staked Blacksmiths will use their stolen $CRYPTOPIUM to forge different classes and rarities of weapons and armor that they can then sell in the Marketplace District to Knights and the rest of the Army Class.


The Knights and other Soldiers will be able to purchase weapon and armor NFTs that increase their levels and stats. Then using their stolen $CRYPTOPIUM, they will finance raids into unique dungeons and monster quests to get CryptoLand Raid Loot Chests that can be used to upgrade their gear and increase their $CRYPTO holdings.


Staked members of the Noble Class will receive a portion of the fees from the Marketplace, the exchange and minor tribute from Loot Chests.


Staked members of the Royalty Class will receive a greater portion of the fees from the Marketplace, the exchange and a tribute from the Noble Class.


The CryptoLand Marketplace District is where the citizens of CryptoLand will be able to exchange their currencies, purchase and sell their NFT assets.


All Cryptopian citizens will have access to the CryptoLand Marketplace where they will be able to see NFTs being sold by other players, purchase NFTs and sell their own NFTs for $CRYPTO. There will be a 5% Marketplace fee on all transactions that will go to the Noble and Royal Classes.

Cryptoland Digital Exchange

The Marketplace will also be home of CDEX, the Cryptoland Digital Exchange. This is where they will be able to one-way exchange $CRYPTOPIUM for $CRYPTO, and two-way exchange $CRYPTO for XRP and XRP for $CRYPTO. The Fees incurred by currency spreads will be used for Noble and Royal Class income.

king NFT


CryptoLand Social

CryptoLand has been built into a proprietary Social Media Platform that will allow the community to flourish as they form alliances, chat with each other and most importantly show off their NFTs and in-game accomplishments.

CryptoLand Game

The CryptoLand Game itself has been built into the Cryptoland Social Platform. While NFTs and $CRYPTO will be native on XRPL, game play will be temporarily on a level 2 chain using wrapped assets.


Access to the Cryptoland Game and the Cryptoland Social Platform will be controlled by a XUMM wallet integration.